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who we are

Barb and Tim Lockert

My name is Barb Lockert and I own Barb’s Kitchen Centre. My husband and I opened the store in March 1986 with a four-month-old baby in the back room, and operated the store as Bosch Kitchen Centre. We are proud to have built this business from Bosch to Barb’s over the years.

I thoroughly enjoy cooking, baking and entertaining and am a true "people person" who loves talking to and teaching my customers. I have been blessed with energy and a positive attitude and am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about my business. I’m known to give my clients a hug when one is needed. I work very hard to understand my customers’ wants and desires and that in its self is motivating for my employees, who are very much like me. We really do provide excellent, personal, first class service to customers of all ages and abilities.

I fill the store with high quality small appliances, innovative gadgets “that work” and fresh baking products for cooking and baking. I regularly provide meal preparation tips to my customers. My love for the kitchen overflows to my customers. I provide a variety of weekly classes in everything from bread making to chocolate creating, teaching my customers how to “Save Time, Save Money and Retain Nutrition”. These classes demonstrate easy cooking using our equipment and supplies and help take away the fear of failing and help you get the most out of your skills in the kitchen.

Services also provided include mail orders, gift certificates, bridal registry, summer kids cooking classes, as well as warranty and repair service, in house for items we sell.

I have been fortunate over the years to have been the recipient of many awards, some of which include: 1994 Entrepreneur of the Year, in Retail for Western Region of Canada; 1994 Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year, for Retail in Alberta; and Honourable mention for Retailer of the Year in 1998. I am a member of the Alberta Teacher's Association, Retail Merchants Association and a business colleague of Grant MacEwan University. I am invited often as a cooking guest for local television and have been on national television. I am involved in supporting my local community.

Come in and experience for yourself why I say "we are the kitchen store worth coming to." Be sure to stop by and say hello. You will quickly become a repeat customer!