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It is rewarding to regularly hear positive comments about our store, products and staff. It is encouraging to have customers return regularly.


I am writing to let you know how great I think your store is. Though you have great products that are well priced, it is your staff that make the biggest difference. Every time I visit, the store is well staffed with people who know your products and who have the time (and take the time) to talk to me about the products you sell. I always spend more time at your store than I intended, learning about the items, and adding things to my wish list.

Yesterday, I visited with a friend and spent a considerable amount of time being helped. We looked at knives, Staub and Le Creuset pots, and many other things. She was great. Though all your staff are amazing, today I want to give her special thanks.

It is a delight to shop at a store that understands the concept of "service". Thanks for making shopping such a pleasure. Keep up the great work.

Molly E.

Bosch Kitchen Centre is my favorite "go to" store in Edmonton. It is a one-of-kind kitchen store for its large range of high quality items which would be a real asset to any home and kitchen… Whether on a “spin and sniff mission” or in need of a gift for yourself or others, you are sure to be pleased to find something practical, useful as well as colorful and modern. Even a short visit is an instant mood lifter.

I personally enjoy the cooking classes which are held weekly year round catered to cooks of any skill level. I go there particularly when I need a “pick me up”. The staff is friendly and Barb the owner goes out of her way to ensure your satisfaction… a rewarding experience.


I've come to Bosch so many times my car knows the way there on its own. When my "car" drove itself there I was shocked to see the sign: Barb's kitchen centre!!!! Where had my Bosch gone? Walk inside and a huge flood of relief to know there were the same wonderful unique products as usual and the same wonderfully friendly staff! Thank goodness that Barb's Kitchen Centre IS Bosch's Kitchen Centre! Hard to teach old cars new tricks!

Area Manager
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Ltd.

Bosch Kitchen Centre, now Barb’s Kitchen Centre, has great selection and is a well stocked gourmet kitchen store. Barb and Tim Lockert and their knowledgeable, very friendly staff, provide excellent customer service and run their business with sincere integrity. Our company has been supplying Barb's Kitchen Centre for over 25 years and they, in my opinion, are a top retailer.

Lexa Shropshire
Sales Representative
Danesco Alberta

I have worked in the housewares industry for almost 20 years and have the opportunity to visit every kitchenware store in Alberta. I can honestly say that Barb's Kitchen Centre is a leader in the field. The store covers all the bases (and then some), offering an incredible selection of quality products. There is usually a price point for everyone and you will find innovative items that are difficult to source.

Further to this, the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. In the event that you cannot find an item, Barb’s Kitchen Centre is very keen to try and source it for you.

The selection offered in food is vast, so you won’t leave the store without those key ingredients in your shopping bag and you can be assured they are fresh, fresh, fresh. Barb’s Kitchen Centre is one stop shopping at its finest!

Comment from an 89 year old gentleman:

You have such beautiful stuff, I’d like to just move in here.

A comment from a senior citizen in our store:

This place is like heaven.

Customer comment:

You have everything I want.


Hi Barb, I was at your class last night, just wanted to say thanks , I have been making bread for years but learned a lot from it. I tried my new mill this morning and the bread was the best I have ever made. It is delicious. Thanks again, it is sure nice to do business at a place that treats you right. Cheers.


Hi there, I was at your Hearty Bread baking class and just wanted to thank you for all of the valuable information you gave. Again thank you and I look forward to coming again!


My daughter and I were at the Healthy Soups Cooking class and so enjoyed the presentation. I had won the Gift Certificate. I had not been at your kitchen centre for a few years and realized that my daughter had never been! Wow, she was excited about what the Centre had to offer. Thank you for a well done presentation...


I had the pleasure of attending your bread class and wanted to express my many thanks to you and your staff. Wow the things I learned...awesome. I was very impressed that you take great pride in the products you offer and that you make sure it is of great quality. There are not very many companies these days that honestly make sure that their customers or clients are heard and taken care of. Thank you for that. Having your staff being very helpful, I will be back for sure to take other classes.

June 19, 2013 84 year old gentleman came in the store and said:

“This is a fun store to come to, even if you don’t need a thing, no doubt about it!”


I just wanted to let you know what an amazing week my son had last week, as well as my nieces. The cooking classes were not only fun but so empowering to each of the kids. He has already made some of the recipes and we shopped for more ingredients for him to cook this weekend. You obviously love what you do and you really do a fabulous job. Thank you for sharing your passion with our kids and teaching them such a vital life skill! See you next year!

Cyndi D.

Just wanted to say thank you again for letting [my son] into your cooking class! He had a grand time, plus just wanted to let you know that he has cooked supper for the last 2 days. On Saturday we had Quiche - made from scratch and tossed salad, on Sunday he made a Lemon Meringue pie and Coconut Cream pie - both from scratch (no mix) plus two kinds of potato skins, and today he is making the Corn Muffins. He made garlic mashed potatoes from the potato skin insides and [his brother] has now been inspired to get off his duff and make broccoli salad today. I think he just needed some inspiration! I should have taken pictures of the pies, but did not. They looked magnificent and tasted just as good!!